We have competitions and film shows throughout our season and will try to put them online for a few weeks post the event. Each programme is also available for hire, if you're a SAM Member, for a small fee plus postage. These can be used to fill a club night and show your members some excellent films.
Have a look at the following film shows and we hope you enjoy them!

However, if you've dropped in on this page looking for some inspiration - why not try out our Script Ideas page - you never know it might spark an idea for a story.... Click Here for Script Idea Generator

The January 2020 Friendly Film Show
It seems to have become a tradition at SAM that we pencil in a film show for the January meeting - just in case there is a spell of bad weather and the meeting has to be cancelled.
While it's usually held in Edinburgh at the fantastic cinema of ECVS, this year it was held online.
Because the programme is well supported it was felt that an online link to the films was a better approach than Zoom so members could watch as and when they found the time rather than being restricted to an actual zoom meeting.
In all there are 15 fims, 7 in Part One and 8 in Part Two. Each section is approx 45 minutes so plenty of films to keep you occupied - and even a break to make a cuppa!
We hope you enjoy the films from our members. This event is not competitive as we want members to contribute a film that has perhaps not been seen for a long time or was not made for any competition, but just for fun.
Hook up your computer, smart phone or whatever to your TV or projector to see them as they were meant to be seen. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the films!

Norman & Dorothy's Extravaganza
For some time now, SAM has been wondering what to do to pay tribute to Norman & Dorothy Speirs since their passing.
They were an amazing couple and always there to give a lending hand, some advice on film-making or just have a chat. All who came into touch with them instantly knew they were a very special couple.
So, we have decided to show you a programme of films that Norman (and no doubt with some help from Dorothy) hand-picked as some of his favourites.
Norman & Dorothy must have seen thousands of films, at hundreds of competitions and made by many, many film-makers - and always left a film-maker with words of encouragement ringing in their ears.
They were, indeed, a very special couple. Missed by many members, not only of SAM but all the affiliated clubs and those of the IAC who knew and loved them as well.
We hope you enjoy this selection of films from the SAM Library and although they are cine transfers or perhaps VHS/SVHS transfers - they still stand up very well. Sadly we won't have Norman there to tell us tales of why he liked them, nor Dorothy to keep him on track - but we hope you enjoy them just the same.
Hook up your computer, smart phone or whatever to your TV or projector to see them as they were meant to be seen. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the films!

Strathclyde Event 2020
The Strathclyde Film Event is one of our most popular inter-club competitions. Each year, affiliated clubs make a film based on a theme, selected at the previous event, and compete for the Avondale Trophy. This year, however, because of Covid, we had a slightly different event - The Strathclyde Fringe! Affiliated clubs could enter two films of their own choice - just for fun. Enjoy!

Members Competition 2020
The SAM Members Competition is the highlight of our competitions. An annual competition in which all members and affiliated clubs can enter. There are awards for Commended, Highly Commended, Best Film under Five Minute, Runner-Up and of course, the Winner!

Members Films 2020
This event usually takes place in January (just in case of it has to cancelled due to bad weather!) Members are allowed to enter 2 films of their own (Clubs can as well) but thye have to be short! Preferably funny but ideally it's been a while since they were shown. The idea is to generate a programme of light-hearted films with no competition invloved. There are no winners but hopefully a great sense of fun and camaraderie.